Marly Surena-Llorens


Hello! My name is Marly and welcome to Fenimore & Rutland.

Fenimore & Rutland were the side streets where I lived in Brooklyn, NY. Imagine tree-lined streets with brownstones and well-tended 'stoop' gardens. Beautiful, quiet streets compared to the main avenue on which I lived. 

I'm an avid gardener (think English Cottage, romantic florals) and grow flowers in thanks to my Creator. I see His hands in creation and my heart is grateful. Growing flowers is very hard work, but the community is supportive, and it's worth the amazing rewards. I also enjoy creating floral arrangements and floral art.


If you've never heard of a micro-floral farm, we are exactly that. Growing beautiful blooms on less than 2100 sq ft. requires lessons in patience, time management, and spacing! At this time, due to limited size, I grow only for local wholesale, designers, and DIY brides.


Here a few reasons: 

  • You'll help reduce mass cut flowers imported from overseas
  • You'll be educated. Some flowers do not transport well (sunflowers, zinnia, lisianthus, dahlia, ageratum, and peonies)
  • You'll support local farmers in the Lehigh Valley
  • You’ll help the local bees and habitat
  • You'll support a local women-owned business

We are small, but mighty in spirit. Thank you for following our journey!