We are a small business ourselves and know the value of supporting others in our industry. We believe in supporting local businesses who practice top-notch service. Our partnerships extend to both tangible and intangible products and services, allowing each partner to connect with our clients in their specific industry.




Element Design 

Element Design is dedicated to turning once-in-a-lifetime flowers into custom works of art, preserving the sentiment of wedding days and special occasions for clients across the country. Use our special code FENIMORERUTLAND10 to receive 10% discount on products.

Pressed Bouquet Shop 

BACK THE BRIDE Worry-Free Wedding Coordinator

Jenna, a wedding coordinator who will ensure ALL of your important details are heard, organized and executed flawlessly so you will have peace of mind of on your special day! 

A studio portrait of Jenna, grinning in a black sparkly blazer.

DJ BRAZ brings his fun yet professional DJ and Host skills to your event!